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Hi, and thanks for stopping by! I'm Netta, and I have  an interesting life story, so they say :-) 

Until the age of 15 I ran quite a normal life; I was a friendly geek high school student who split her spare time between art and sports: during the day I was a medal-winning athlete and tennis player, and when it all went dark I would enjoy making handcrafts. 

Sounds like the beginning of an ordinary story, right? just wait to hear the rest...


The ideas that come out of my paintings, which sometimes surprise people due to my physical disability, is that life is beautiful. My art combines precision, attention to detail and vibrant motives. I work primarily in acrylics and often employ bold colors in a way that captures the colorful, optimistic side of reality in a naïve-romantic-realistic manner. 

Figures & Portraits
Landscapes & Nature
Still Life

Children's Books

I've authored and illustrated three children's books published by the association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists (books are currently available only in Hebrew):


In the past recent years I've been participating in group exhibitions as well as holding solo exhibitions myself.

Recent Exhibitions:

  • 1/8

    Group Exhibition

    Find the Woman

    8/3/21 - 30/3/21

    Artists House


  • 1/8

    Solo Exhibition

    Netta Ganor in Eshkol Pais Rehovot 2021

    22/2/21 - 31/3/2021

    Eshkol Pais


  • 1/5

    Solo Exhibition

    Exhibition in Kotar Shikma Municipal Library Copy

    13/8/20 - 13/10/20

    Kotar Shikma Municipal Library

    Rishon Letziyyon


Imagine that one day you get up in the morning and unable to move and feel your body.

No hands, no legs, paralyzed from the neck down.


What would you do?

I invite you to hear my story, live.

Netta Ganor sitting in a wheelchair on a stage and speaking in front of people in the Talk House


Newspaper articles, TV appearances & online publications - local to international, personal to professional. Since my spinal cord injury I've been trying to get my story out there as much as possible and (hopefully) convey my optimistic message to the world.

Netta Ganor appears on a newspaper article painting with a paintbrush in her mouth
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