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Netta Ganor sits in a wheelchair with her son on her laps and reads him her first children's book, 'Whos Wooly'


My authored & illustrated children's books

Children are made readers on

the laps of their parents

Emilie Buchwald

The books are currently available only in Hebrew. However, the illustrations are self-explanatory and can be understood in any language!

"Sniffy The Shrew" - Children's Book by Netta Ganor

Sniffy The Shrew - Ages 3-7

"Sniffy The Shrew" is a children's book about curiosity, courage and creativity.

Sniffy is a particularly curious shrew. When he encounters something interesting, he immediately rushes to shove his nose into it in order to sniff. One day, thanks to his curiosity, Sniffy saves the residents of his village.

What does Sniffy save the residents of his village from and how does he do that?

"Hidden Door" - Children's Book by Netta Ganor

Hidden Door - Ages 5-8

"Hidden Door" is a children's poems book about the world of imagination and fantasy.

In each of the 14 poems in the book, the protagonist embarks on a journey to their inner world, where they face their fears and hardships, and learn to leverage their imagination and inner strengths to finally overcome their challenges.

"Who's Wooly" - Children's Book by Netta Ganor

Who's Wooly? - Ages 2-5

'Who's Wooly?' is a book about friendship and acceptance of the other.

The story takes place in a village and begins when the animals hear for the first time that a new tenant is coming.

At that moment, the animals begin to compete over who will be their best friend.

Who is the tenant and who will be their best friend?

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