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A children's book about friendship and acceptance of the other

It was early morning in the village,
A light breeze blew in the air...

Who's Wooly (Mee Ze Tzemer)

"Who's Wooly?" is a children's book in rhymes that deals with friendships and acceptance of difference.

Early in the morning, Rico the Rooster wakes the animals of the village and informs them that a new tenant is about to arrive. The animals are very excited, and each of them begins to boast about their virtues and convince their friends that they deserve to be their best friend.


Who is the new tenant? And who will win the competition for their heart?



The book is intended for children aged 2 to 5.

Published by the Association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists. Editor: Ofra Gelbert-Avni.


I highly recommend the book "Who's Wooly?".

In the story, the animals compete with each other over who deserves to be the best friend of 'Wooly'. Around the competition we get to know the characteristics of the animals and finally learn that there is no need to compete for a friendship at all.

- Irit Polak-Levy, Communication Clinician

Images from the Book

I bought and received today the book "Secret Door". I have been a volunteer librarian in schools for 15 years and have never come across such a charming book. In all respects, content and illustration.

Tamar Mizrahi, librarian

Children Read "Who's Wooly"

Yesterday we received the book and Romi didn't let go of it until this morning. The writing is amazing and I have no words for the illustrations, just perfect! '

- Amit Liram Kowarski, mother of two-year-old Romi

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