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Netta Ganor is sitting in a wheelchair on a stage and speaking to an audience of people


Lectures and meet-ups that I hold

We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand

Imagine that one day you get up in the morning and suddenly unable to move or feel your body.

No hands, no legs, completely paralyzed from the neck down.

What would you do?

Would you decide to end your life?

Sink into depression and blame the world? Your destiny? Your God?

Give up your dreams?

Give up hobbies like art and painting?

Netta Ganor is sitting in a wheelchair on a stage and speaking to an audience of people
Netta Ganor is sitting in a wheelchair and speaking to an audience of people

That exact same thing had happened to me at the age of 15 - a rare traumatic attack of the spinal cord affecting 1 in a million which has left me paralyzed from the neck down within less than an hour (just like winning the lottery, only the other way around...).


I had to calculate a new route for myself, one that would lead me where I wanted to go.


So, how did I do that?


Well, my name is Netta Ganor, a mouth painter, author and illustrator of two children's books and an inspirational speaker, and that's my story.

My lecture is suitable for all types of audiences - large and small, young and old. I make adjustments according to the composition of audience and time required.

I have already spoken to kindergarten and school pupils, company employees, families and organized groups of retirees.

Netta Ganor is sitting in a wheelchair with her back to the camera and speaking to a young group of people

Netta's lecture was interesting and moving. I loved it very much in combination with video clips and photos and combined with humor and optimism.

-- Uri Amitai

It was excellent - the students listened throughout the whole lecture.
The managers did not stop talking about her and stayed with her to calm down from the lecture for half an hour afterward.

-- Rinat Cohen

Director of Volunteer Affairs

Educational Excellence Division

Kol Israel Haverim - Alliance

Excellent lecture. Netta's story is undoubtedly a special one, a story of victory and optimism. Although Netta says at the beginning of her lecture that she doesn't like the use of the word "inspirational", that's exactly what she is.

-- Eyal Arie

Organization I've Worked With

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