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A children's poems book about imagination and fantasy

In the midst of a play with a couple of friends or more

Itai discovered a secret door...


"Hidden Door" is a children's poems book about the world of imagination and fantasy.


In each of the 14 poems in the book, the protagonist of the poem embarks on a journey into their inner world where they meet their fears and hardships, leverage their imagination and inner strengths to overcome them and manage to overcome the challenges.

Any child can relate to the poems and colorful illustrations accompanying them, immerse themselves in them and project their feelings onto them.

The book is intended for children aged 5 to 8, as well as for parents and grandparents, who were once children, too :)

Published by the association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists. Editor: Ofra Gelbert-Avni.


The poems are written in a simple and natural language that suits the child's soul, in a fluid and natural tight rhyme, which provides a safe framework for the miraculous journeys that the children embark on. In all poems the child recruits his rich imagination in the form of miraculous imaginary creatures, which symbolize his own psychic powers, and help him in their presence and their advice to overcome his difficulties. The child enters the world of imagination, fulfills their mission and returns to their life.

- Ruth Netzer, clinical psychologist and literary critic

Images from the Book

I bought and received today the book "Hidden Door". I have been a volunteer librarian in schools for 15 years and have never come across such a charming book. In all respects, content and illustration.

Tamar Mizrahi, librarian

Children Read "Hidden Door"

I read with great excitement and admiration the book "Hidden Door", definitely not only for children. A wonderful book about mental strength, imagination, growth, determination, optimism and more, the paintings are spectacular in color and style, as if they were taken and not painstakingly painted by mouth.

- Yulit Shemesh, Rishon Letziyyon

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